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The purpose of Orthofix ABS is to provide a comprehensive overview of the way in which many of the problems encountered in trauma or orthopedic practice can be addressed using Orthofix external and/or internal fixation systems. Orthofix is constantly innovating, refining, and improving its product range. Periodically updates will be available.
Proper surgical procedure is the responsibility of the medical professional. Operative techniques are furnished as an informative guidelines. Each surgeon must evaluate the appropriateness of a technique based on his or her personal medical credentials and experience, knowing the information reported in the Orthofix product-specific IFUs.


Getting Started with Orthofix ABS

Start to explore each anatomical region by clicking the desired level.
All solutions are divided into three main anatomical regions:
1. Upper Extremity;
2. Pelvis and Hip;
3. Lower Extremity.

Each of the main regions is then subdivided into different anatomical sites, designated by a letter. In the Upper Extremity, therefore, Hand = A, Wrist = B, Forearm = C, Elbow = D, and so on. Within each anatomical site, each device or technique illustrated is then given a further number to identify it.
Examples of possible devices are illustrated for each anatomical area and further organized by type of application (fractures, joint stiffness, correction of deformity, non-union, lengthening, bone loss, etc.). You can search for the ideal approach to each patient and given situation.
If a particular one of the devices illustrated seems appropriate, you can tap it and view all necessary details, including equipment required, relevant part numbers, Product Catalogues, Instructions for Use, Operative Techniques and Quick Reference Guides, as well as surgical or promo videos and product website.


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