One problem, several solutions

A fracture or deformity can be treated in several ways.
This App provides you the different fractures and deformity treatment options using Orthofix external and/or internal fixation systems. You can then search for the approach that best fits the needs of the patient and the given situation.
Orthofix mobile app does not allow the user to input any patient-specific information along with reference material to automatically diagnose a disease or condition.

Customized for your specialty...

View the wide range of possible applications in the anatomical area you are interested in, e.g. hand surgery.
Examples of possible assemblies or devices are illustrated for each anatomical area and organized by indication (fractures, joint stiffness, correction of deformity, non-union, lengthening, bone loss, etc.).

... and as you prefer it

Collect all your preferred treatment solutions by tapping on the star, to make them accessible in a preferred path.

Get the details with key information

Once the most appropriate treatment solution is selected, you can view all necessary details including equipment required, relevant part numbers, Product Catalogues, Instructions for Use, Operative Techniques and Quick Reference Guides, as well as surgical or promo videos and product website.

Products instructions for use

Proper surgical procedure is the responsibility of the medical professional.
Operative techniques are furnished as an informative guidelines.
Each surgeon must evaluate the appropriateness of a technique based on his or her personal medical credentials and experience, knowing the information reported in the Orthofix product-specific IFUs.

Informative Notice from Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 (Privacy Code)

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